Members of our staff may not be available depending on their COVID-19 prevention needs. Our office will be closed to walk ins until further notice. We will attempt to provide service through mail, email or voice mail but will be limited to essential functions.  Housing Assistance payments will continue to be made.

Please contact your case manager see: Staff Contact

Families who are currently receiving assistance from our housing authority: If you have lost work as a result of COVID-19 please contact your case manager by email or voice mail so that we can adjust your rental assistance and prevent any evictions for non-payment.

Rent payments from tenants at Parkcrest, Sandy Oaks, Park Estates and Tower Village are still required and may be sent by mail or put in our dropbox. If the dropbox is used, please make sure that the money orders and checks are placed in envelopes with the address of the rental unit it applies to.

Maintenance work orders for Parkcrest, Sandy Oaks, Park Estates and Tower Village will be taken for emergency, life & health issues or for situations that will result in continuing damage if not completed at this time. Thank you so much for helping us all stay healthy and safe.

HUD issued waivers of some federal regulations as a result of the COVID pandemic. Housing Authorities are allowed to adopt some or all of the waivers. The current HUD Notice PIH 2021-14 explains the waivers and the Attachment 1 of the notice allows the Housing Authority to designate which waivers have been adopted. Please see Attachment 1 for the waivers that have been adopted by the Nacogdoches Housing Authority.